Sheliza Jamal, ed.M

Sheliza Jamal is an educator, speaker and Equity and Inclusion Coach. She is a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she studied the impact of arts in education, leadership in social change organizations, education entrepreneurship and innovation and educational policy through the lens of systemic inequities. Sheliza also holds an Honors BA in Theatre and BEd from York University and is a PhD student at OISE, University of Toronto in the Department of Social Justice Education.

Sheliza brings over a decade of experience in public education teaching and designing and implementing programs and services aimed at addressing inequitable outcomes for underserved communities. Sheliza has a background in theatre performance and education and often uses theatre-based techniques to develop a sense of embodied empathy and engage participants in dialogue about oppression.

Sheliza is an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) and a K-12 Inclusion Learning Coach with the Toronto District School Board where she supports students, teachers and leaders in programs that foster equity and inclusion to meet the needs of diverse learners.