Attending the Theatre of the Oppressed workshop not only helped me better understand concepts of oppression such as “power over” and “power with”, as an educator, it opened my eyes to a pedagogy that was entirely new and different from anything I had experienced before. Sheliza was clearly an experienced facilitator who created a space that allowed us to feel free and open to participate, even for those of us who had limited experience in this area before.
— Linda Sun, Executive Director, Miami Dade County Public Schools
Sheliza radiates warmth, drawing participants closer and fostering a community of openness. At the same time, she deftly conveys the urgency of the social justice work that underpins her workshops. This unique balance led me to challenge myself and my ideas in an authentic, action-oriented way.
— Nicki Anselmo, Program Manager, Google
I’ve had the pleasure of being a participant in several spaces facilitated by Sheliza Jamal, including a ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ workshop. Her ability to hold the room, check for understanding, and infuse complex issues into digestible dialogue is exceptional. Her methods have changed my understanding of how movement, physical space, and identity influence our perceptions of power.
— Andrew Greenia, Promise 54
Sheliza is one of the most dynamic and engaging workshop facilitators I have ever experienced. She brings a creative way to deconstruct and interrogate diversity, equity, power, and oppression in a way that keeps her audience members reflecting well after her workshops. She is skilled at creating a brave space for audience members with a variety of backgrounds and lived experiences. Most importantly, her workshops are not only on focused on systemic challenges but they also include the skills of reflecting on our own identities and how we can show up better. Her workshops provide skills, experiences, and tangible outcomes that place participants at the center of her discussions. It is hard to come into a space with Sheliza and not have a perspective expanded.
— Jordan Harrison, Senior Director of Programs, Reality Changers
Sheliza is a brilliant speaker, very authentic in her style and delivery. Her energy and passion is very present during her workshops which helps the participants to engage and examine their own unconscious bias.
— Ashley Isaac, Real Estate Specialist, Core Assets Real Estate
Sheliza is an amazing communicator and workshop facilitator, she was also very accommodating when it came to addressing my needs. I genuinely enjoyed meeting and engaging in discussions with other participants during the workshop; it was a great opportunity to share personal anecdotes, insights and solutions.
— Naia Wang, Assistant Manager, Galleries and Exhibitions, Artscape