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Training and Development

Sheliza offers a range of interactive and engaging training programs and services that can be catered to meet the needs of your organization. Below is a list of some of the most requested workshops. You may contact her directly to inquire about a customized workshop for your organization.

Examining Unconscious Bias

In this workshop, participants will identify how personal and structural biases impact the self and others. There will be a focus on knowledge creation, discussion and active participation. Participants will come away with tools to help identify bias in personal and professional settings as well as critical strategies to deconstruct bias.

The Dynamics of Power, Part 1

This workshop uses Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) conventions to think critically about power structures in our society. In this workshop, participants will engage in theatre exercises and activities to investigate issues of power, privilege and justice. Individuals will gain tools to critically analyze power dynamics in the workplace and develop a deeper understanding of disrupting oppressive structures in a low risk/high impact learning environment to address issues of inequity.

The Dynamics of Power, Part 2

This workshop is a continuation of The Dynamics of Power, Part 1. In this workshop, participants will continue to use Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) to investigate power and privilege. Through the convention of Forum Theatre, participants will have the opportunity to work through elements of conflict resolution and negotiation strategies to solve pressing issues in their organization.

Power and Privilege

In this workshop, participants will analyze their positionality and intersectionality related to personal, structural and institutional power. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of where power comes from and how privilege can be used to better serve communities and organizations.

Inclusion in Action

In this workshop, participants will gain a deeper understanding of what inclusion looks like in an organization. Participants will gain tools supported by frameworks such as Universal Design and Principles of Anti-Oppression to create inclusive communities where diversity is celebrated. *This workshop can be catered to academic institutions focused on inclusion related to but not limited to racial and gender inclusion.

Leadership through Equity

In this workshop, current and aspiring leaders will build their knowledge on equity principles to become a more effective leader. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their leadership style and understanding of equity. Additionally, participants will gain skills to lead from an equity mindset including an understanding of what it means to be an ally.

Other workshop topics include:

  • Islamophobia

  • Creating Brave Spaces

  • Cultural Appropriation

  • Conflict Resolution (through theatre and embodied empathy)

  • Radical self-love and healing for People of Colour

  • Critical Consciousness development

  • Identity and Intersectionality

  • Racial Identity Development

  • Social Structures and Construct

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Microaggressions in the workplace

Sheliza is also available for keynote addresses, customized workshops and ongoing contracts on the following:

  • Identity Development

  • Achieving Potential

  • Developing an Equity Stance

  • Organizational equity, diversity and inclusion

  • Inclusive Education

  • The Power of Arts Education

  • Developing Critical Consciousness

  • Empowering Students to be Changemakers